Taking Advantage of Low Cost Pet Vaccinations at Walgreens

As the general cost of living continues to rise at an exponential rate, it results in more and more pet owners seeking affordable alternatives when it comes to having shots administered – after all, many regular vets can (and often do) charge hundreds of dollars to provide this service. However, over the past few years, it has become possible for owners of cats and dogs to purchase low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens over weekends.

The Walgreens Shot Vet Program

Thanks to the Shot Vet program that has been introduced, pet owners are now able to have a wide range of low cost pet vaccinations administered to their cats and dogs at Walgreens over the weekends when the vets are available. This enables many people who cannot afford the high prices that regular vets charge to ensure that their animals are as safe and healthy as possible, as well as protected against an array of illnesses. This allows thousands of pets from lower income homes to live happy and healthy lives.

All Vets Used are Licensed

Many people are under the impression that the low-cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens are being administered by people who are not licensed and qualified to do so. However, this is not the case because the company has only enlisted the help of vets who are fully state licensed to administer all of the Walgreens pet shots. This means that your pet will receive the correct shots in the right dosages and that you will be able to obtain additional information regarding whether your pet is up to date with their shots or not as well.

More than Just Shots

A lot of people think that the Walgreens Shot Vet program only covers a range of low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens. However, this is not the case. These days, pet owners who are struggling to afford the cost of caring for their animals can also obtain a range of flea control products as well as heartworm medications and treatments at far more affordable prices than those charged by regular vets.

Another excellent service that is being offered by the Walgreens Shot vet program is that they cater for pet owners whose pets are on chronic medication. Once one of the Walgreens veterinarians have examined your pet (it is the law to do so before a prescription for refills can be given out), they will be able to provide you with a repeat prescription to cater for your pet’s needs. This service is available for dogs and cats.

Money Saving Package Options Also Available

When purchasing one of the package options from us, it will enable you to save up to 70% off the regular cost of items such as low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens (these include Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and a strategic deworming option that covers hookworm and roundworm) and various blood tests as well (available with the more expensive package options).

The costs of the packages for low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens are $62 (Basic Paws), $79 (Bronze Paws), $109 (Diamond Paws) and $149 (Platinum Paws). This enables pet owners to budget accordingly, while still ensuring that their pets are protected against some of the most debilitating conditions around. Some of the blood test options that are included on the higher priced packages include Heartworm, Bordetella, Flu, Lyme, Lepto and Canine Influenza (dog flu).

Average Costs of Low Cost Pet Vaccinations at Walgreens

After finding out that they can have a range of low cost pet vaccines administered at Walgreens for cats and dogs, many pet owners also want to know what the costs of the individual vaccines are. A 1 year canine Rabies vaccine will cost around $18, while a feline Rabies shot will cost $29. A 3 year Rabies vaccine will cost $35, and a DA2PP shot costs $32. Bordetella vaccinations are $29 each, and canine Influenza shots are just $33 each. Lepto shots are $18, and vaccinations against Lyme Disease are $42. Deworming treatments are approximately $30 per round, while Heartworm tests cost approximately $38.

All prices quoted here are from the Walgreens Shot Vet website, and may be subject to change from time to time, and can vary depending on which state the practice is located in.

Regular Vaccinations are Important

Too many pet owners are still under the impression that they don’t need to have their pets vaccinated that often. However, in order for the vaccinations to remain as effective as possible, they must be administered at the intervals that have been recommended by a qualified veterinarian. Once a dog or cat has been diagnosed with a particular condition though, the vaccination will not be able to cure them of it, which is why it is essential that they receive regular boosters.

Always Follow Advice Provided by your Veterinarian

Regardless of what type of vaccinations, medications or other treatment your pet may require on a regular basis, it is essential that you follow the advice and instructions provided to you by your veterinarian afterwards. For example, if your pet requires a course of antibiotic medication, you must ensure that the course is completed. Failure to do so can render your pet resistant to future antibiotic treatments, which could prove to be fatal in some cases. With regards to the low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens, it is imperative that you follow the schedule provided by the Shot Vet veterinarian, as this will ensure maximum immunity and protection for your dog or cat.

When taking your pet to have low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens, never be afraid to ask the vet on call as many questions as possible about the treatment and what course of action would be most beneficial to your pet. He or she will always be willing to provide you with general hints, tips and advice that will help ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy for as long as possible.

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