5 Durable Toys for Small Dogs

Even small dogs can sometimes chew through the toys you buy for them, and so it’s best to seek out some durable products that are going to last more than a few days. In this article, there are five recommendations that reviewers claim seem to work well. If your little friend tends to rip their toys apart within only a few hours, you might like to consider some of the products listed on this page. At the very least, you won’t have to spend quite as much money next year.

1 – Aduck Small Puppy Dog Chew Toy

There are lots of ring-style chew toys on the market at the moment, but most of them are a little too big for smaller dogs. With that in mind, the Aduck Small Puppy Dog Chew is perfect for animals with a less than mature jaw. It’s an excellent toy for playing catch, but it will also help your pooch to clean their teeth and maintain excellent oral health.

2 – Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs Chew Toys

The Starter Packs Chew Toys from Nylabone are ideal for small dogs who enjoy playing around the house. It’s durable and robust so the animal shouldn’t manage to break the item for a long time. It encourages non-destructive chew habits and is intended for pets going through their teething stage. The colors and textures are guaranteed to keep your little chum entertained.

3 – Mr Play Dog Chew Ball and Bone

Sometimes owners get lucky and manage to buy two toys for the price of one. The Mr Play Dog Chew Ball and Bone are fantastic because they’re cheap, and your pooch will get weeks of fun. Most owners know about the risks of giving their animal a real bone, and so this product is a safe alternative. The ball is also ideal for playing catch when you take the pet out for a walk.

4 – QPEY Wobbler Treat Dispensing Interactive Ball

There are a few toys on the market that help to increase the intelligence of small dogs. The QPEY Wobbler Treat Dispensing Interactive Ball is one such product. You just have to fill the item with lots of treats and then allow your pet to work out how to get them out. On top of the IQ-building benefits, the ball also helps to clean your dog’s teeth.

5 – KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew

The KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew teaches your dog appropriate chewing behavior while offering lots of mental and physical stimulus. It’s customized for puppy teeth and gums, and that’s why thousands of dog owners purchase one of these every single year. Again, it’s possible to fill the item with lots of treats to reward your pooch when they work out how to play the game.

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